Roller Skates anyone?


This question is for my school mental health providers,

Do you ever sit and reflect on the days that you never stop running. Do you wonder how the heck you do all the things you do in a day? How do you fit it all in?  Meeting with parents, running to a classroom to calm someone down, helping a teacher who may feel lost on how to move forward with a student, addressing a student in the hallway, pulling one into your office to ensure he/she does not get into any more trouble than they already have? Running to a classroom while you were in the middle of a session. Whew!!!

I am just coming off a “day of hectic”… running, putting out fires, guiding interns, reading emails, process recordings, letters of concern and all of the above. Do you wonder to yourself,” how the heck did I get it all done” (and for me today, with a sinus headache in tow LOL).  It’s amazing how much you do as school providers and you don’t even think about it until you stop. That’s because you are GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO and you know that your role is so needed and necessary. It gets lost sometimes because it comes so natural, and you do it so smoothly, (on the outside  …eeek!), that at times you wonder if all the extra you put in is even noticed. Well take it from me, it matters to those you serve and it’s noticed by those who matter.

I personally LOVE what I do. I find it to be (though draining at times), fulfilling, and necessary. When that one student does says or act in a way to help me to see that it made a difference that I clocked in that day, it’s all I need to end the day in a good mindset and prepare for another day of “who knows whats to come”- _ -.



3 thoughts on “Roller Skates anyone?

    • Kamilah

      Every word is true! lets not forget the counseling us social workers give to co-workers :)about their own daily lives. Roller Skates, extra hands and extra set of eyes and ears as well as and an additional mouth is needed to handle all that is asked of you. But you get it done just the way you are and the fact that every one calls on you lets you know that you are great at what you do. Its hard to replace the skill set, style and dedication that you possess that’s why your given all that’s on your plate.

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