Self awareness has become a major part of my life for the past few years. Of course I’ve always been aware in some ways and in my work, but I mean its playing a major role. I know, I know, you are saying “shes such a social worker” and its true but just hear me. I have really been practing being self aware in all areas of my life. With family, friends, my children, and my job. I have thought of who I am in every role I play in my life. You know….mother,  sister, friend etc. I have realized how I have adapted to the personalities, attitudes and yes I’m going to say it! “Craziness” of some of the behaviors of many of the people who matter to me. Whether you want to believe it or not, you too have adapted to  the personalities of others. You know, those who get upset at the drop of your pin so you are mindful of what you say, those who are sensitive so you try not to say anything to offend, those who are jealous sou you are careful not to do anything to make them suspicious and those who are free spirited and even embarrasing at times Yes, the ones who you brace yourself for whats to come when you are meeting up.  oh yeah! When they act up you get quiet as not to feed their behavior which will cause them to keep going. Well, these are all people we care about so we put in the work to keep the peace so WE can have peace. I know you can name some names for each area I identified lol. The question is are you aware of your own behaviors because guess what?…. There is a part of each one of us that can fit in a few of those categories. Where do you fit?  How do others view you? Do you ever think about how you come across? Do you replay in your mind  a reaction, an attitude or energy you gave off? Something you said and either felt you could have handled  better? Maybe you could have taken a different route. Or maybe its something you handled well and felt great about the outcome.

Self assesment can be uncomfortable but also uplifting. Especially when you have reached a point in your life, where not many people can ” ruffle your feathers” and you can now check yourself before you react.  It is not only a skill thats important in working with people, but in your personal life.

What’s your thought on this topic? Do share!



4 thoughts on “SELF AWARENESS

  1. Raya Robinson

    Since I have left Florida and moved to Maryland I am constantly doing self assessments, But ever since i have been regularly attending church I have take a better looks at myself. I have realized that I have been spending to much time adapting to the people around me and not enough time being who I am. This is something that I have been working on over the last few months. I have remembered how much I like myself and I have been enjoying life and cant wait for all the new things to come. After self assessing I realized just how unhappy I was and now I take the time to look at myself regularly.

  2. karina

    Self awareness leads us to be our most authentic selves. You’re right it’s not easy, but so necessary. Thank you for this! I have been learning from you since we first met and this new forum will continue my education!!

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