WHEW! Made it before Thursday’s end.  busy day. So I think I’ll call this THURSDAYS PROVOKING THOUGHTS.  I found these in a book titled, THE MAKING OF A THERAPIST. I would really love to get your feedback on what these quotes mean to you and or just your thougts.

When you do not know your personal devil, he usually manifests himself in the nearest person.

~Paula Coelho~

Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity

~Albert Einstein~




  1. Tiff

    That first one is VERY true. I think it means exactly what it is says; if you don’t know what in you might need to be changed, healed, etc-the closest person to you will mirror it. Maybe. I think. LOL great quotes

  2. Raya Robinson

    I think that i have to agree with all of it. Are devils and demands are always close wheb we don’t know what they are. If you dont know the things that are hurting you how can you remove them. And stupidity is bever ending. It is fiund everywhere.

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