Isn’t it funny how we find time for everything and everyone else, but when it comes to doing the simplest things for ourselves we never seem to have the time.  Last Sunday shared the madness i call “my life” with you. With all that, I just really thought about the fact that i go it a mani and a pedi 1 time during the entire summer and the again on my birthday in Feb. SMH. I never have the time. I washed my car 3 moths again, ” who has the time and thank the Gods for the rain,” LOL. Truth is, i hate doing anything that requires me waiting my turn and or me sitting there being catered to and not doing anything. What the heck is wrong with me? I swear. Going natural was the best thing in the world because i no longer sit in a salon for 6 hours. I will wait fora client to arrive though, despite them being half hour or more late, i will sit at a hospital emergency room with my kids for hours and think nothing of it. I will drive 2 hours to take my son to his school so he doesn’t have to lug his bags after staying a week for spring break, stay 3 hours then drive. What im saying s, i will all the “unnecessary” things off that has to do with catering to Michelle’s needs that may include pampering and is not focused on work or someone else. Do you find yourselves telling your friends you’re too tired to meet up but you are quick to pencil in a meeting for an organization you may be involved in, a parent association meeting or sometimes even a workshop? WELL NOT THIS WEEK! Michelle is doing the vacation flow. We must stop putting off vacation and using vacation time to take classes and doing things that do not cater to us being relaxed. At times we feel that if we don’t have money to travel to the island s or out of the country, we have to delay time off until you save to do so. Well i’m learning. I am an hour and a half out of NYC at a beautiful resort and spa. On the waters edge. My bedroom window overlooks the sea and being in another country would not be anymore wonderful that this place. Believe me, there are many relaxing and wonderful places to visit when funds are low or you just don’t want to fly. No more excuses. No more putting off your needs for others unless it’s extremely necessary. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. 

“Today i’m invested in ensuring that my basic needs for pampering and relaxing are met” By the way, I refuse to leave without entering the spa for mani and pedi LOL. What have you found your self putting off because you “just dont have the time?” Do share.




  1. Raya Robinson

    I am finding the time but nit the money. I use it fir everything else. But lije you sister i have been making changes and loving it. Im very proud of you. Family time in June

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