Today, I am mourning the loss of someone who was dear to me. This person and I connected instantly when he interviewed me for my present position, 7 years ago. His energy was like no other. I think he immediately felt that I would be an asset to his team the day he interviewed me, as our interview to the form of two people who were just introduced, immediately connected and were building a friendship. He was a man who strongly believed in making decisions about people, based on energy. The interview was filled with laughter and jokes. This is exactly who this person continued to be throughout the entire 4 years he was my boss.

In my mind, the universe has been re-energized now that it has reclaimed this positive source of energy. The higher power above must have had a serious need for a soul such as his. With this thought in mind, I release my sadness regarding this loss, as I strongly believe there was a great need for an energy such as his.

If you have had a recent loss,  allow yourself to begin (if you haven’t done so) or complete the grieving process.Today I implore you to connect with words that inspire you. Read a favorite poem, scripture or sacred text. Allow the words to lift your spirits.  Positive energy and healing is within. 



(Your thoughts and stories you would like to share are encouraged and welcomed)



2 thoughts on “THE FLOW OF ENERGY

  1. I needed to read this. I am facing the impending loss of my mother who I recently discovered has a life-limiting illness. this is a time to nourish myself and celebrate the energy and love she has given me. How happy I am to have chanced upon your words.


    • This must be a very difficult journey for both of you. Hold on to that mindset and the journey, though difficult, will be bearable.
      This is a quote I found and thought i would share:-
      “A soul gives power to the mind; and the mind empowers the soul”
      ~Jeremy Aldana~

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