I have been participating in Oprah’s and Deepaks 21 Day Meditation Experience for the past 14 days. “It aint easy!”. I swear, when you are sitting quietly with yourself, there could be 100 thoughts packed in in those 15 minutes. I mean random, silly, unnecessary thoughts lol. It amazes me. I have had a few days where I can go 10 minutes and really zone out. On my good days, when I am done, I definitely feel lighter. It has been a challenge, but it is something I want to master and do well. I have been consistent and i do enjoy it. More than anything, the message given by Deepak and Oprah are extremely uplifting. I also took the time to complete some of the journaling, which are based on questions around each days centering thoughts.I intend to continue to push on because i realize that focusing on the messages have given me the extra push to continue working on my goals and have lifted me out of some the random slumps I have been experiencing.  My niece reminded me that it’s not about being perfect at it, its about finding your center and making it work for me

I would love any feedback or if anyone that can suggest another site and or suggestion on  a good follow up once this 21 day experience is over. I do want to include mindfulness and meditation as a regular part of my morning/evening routine and my life.


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