I would like to dedicate today’s post to all the moms who are raising children with disabilities. Your care, your dedication, your passion and constant drive to ensure that your children never loose sight of the fact that they are loved unconditionally, that they should never limit themselves, that they matter just as much as anyone else… comes naturally and is a lesson to moms who do not have the same struggles. Its a lesson to keep pushing forward and never limit our children. The reality is, we are all moms and though we may feel beaten down by the challenges of life at times, we should always challenge our children to “push the limits”.

I have watched my sister raise a child diagnosed with autism for the last 14 yrs. She has never allowed him to feel as if he is not as capable as his siblings. She is not in denial about his diagnoses, not in the least. She tirelessly sought services he needed, but whatever he wanted to do, she assured him to soar. I remeber the tears when she was overwhelmed, i remember her frustration when the systems denied her what was necessry for her sons success, but she is a fighter, has always been since she was a child. She never gave up .


We spoke about him this weekend. He has excelled in his class and is currently doing the work of general ed students. She shared with me a piece of his writing about how he viewed himself as a child diagnosed with autism. WAS WOWED!  The pride and love in her voice when she shared, was indescribable.

I have watched my nephew grow and i have watched my sister raise him to become a strong, confident black man who knows this, No matter what society says, he can push the limits and soar to the best of his ability. 

Today i honor all mothers who continue to empower their children regardless of their disabilities. I honor my sister Raya.  Thank you for teaching me to “think outside the box”.You are one of a kind.



  1. Ron Glover

    Very good. Raya is a true inspiration to me, as well. When I become down and depressed, I think of the strength and determination she has. It makes me push forward. So, Raya, I wish you a Happy Mother’s day and thank you for all the lessons of perseverance you teach me daily.

  2. Hello Michelle, Thank you for opening up your home to us yesterday and sharing your blog with me. I am inspired. It’s a wonder to me how when I opened your blog this was the first article that appeared on my screen. I did not know about your nephew and I’m not sure if you knew about my son. It is always comforting to see that others are aware of Autism and the impact it has on the family’s life. Compassion, empathy, support and love – as what you have shown to your sister here is what makes the days challenges ok and makes us stronger for the next.. Thank you

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the post. I wasn’t fully aware that this was the same for your son. I am humbled by your comment. You are welcome and my door is always open.
      Dont forget to pursue what we spoke about 🙂

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