THURSDAYS THOUGHT (Unspoken Appreciation)


It is a wonderful thing to be appreciated for all the work that you have done What i have noticed over the years though, is that when you do things naturally, because of who you are or because you enjoy seeing people smile; that good feeling rubs off on you. Helping others to feel fulfilled; knowing that they are leaving a session or your classroom feeling hopeful,  revives you when you are feeling worn down and sometimes defeated.This may sound corny but its an amazing feeling.

Embrace the fact that you may have had a positive impact on the lives of others regardless of whether they told you so. If you love what you do, if you are self confident, if you know you serve others with humility and genuinely want to help them make a difference in their lives, keep doing what you do. The unspoken appreciation will come at some point. Maybe in a year when a student visits you after graduating and gives you a hug, maybe a phone call from a University thanking you for being a dedicated and good supervisor, because you ensure that your interns actually learn and you don’t just treat them as another hand to make your workload lighter, maybe an intern buying you a book they know you’ll enjoy or….. maybe just some one who you have empowered, coming to speak to you more often because they feel safe with you.

What am i saying? Be mindful that you are not so focused on verbal or tangible gifts, that you miss out on the gifts that feeds the soul and lifts the spirit.


5 thoughts on “THURSDAYS THOUGHT (Unspoken Appreciation)

  1. Marian

    This post 100% resonates with me, particularly during this time of transition out of internship and into a new phase. I often wonder if I have impacted my clients’ lives in any way and if this impact will have a lasting effect. Even though I have not received verbal appreciation from all of my clients, I am able to catch glimpses of this appreciation in other ways.

  2. Ron Glover

    So true. I work daily with dually diagnosed adults. It’s a grueling job. It’s a frustrating and tiring job. The stress it causes is enormous. But, I love it. I love helping my clients get over obstacles or learn something that will enhance their lives. Their excitement, sobriety, attending appointments, participating in my groups, and taking their medications daily, is my reward. It makes me continue on.

    • Thank you for your comment. I can relate fully to this. Seeing them turn their lives around, even if it’s only a few, even if the steps are baby ones, gives you hope and helps you find the strength to carry on.

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