Yesterday I hosted a workshop at my son’s school for our PTA members. We also invited high school students as we thought it may be benefitial, as they are preparing for regents exams.
I would like to share with you,  what I found most helpful.
First, mindfulness is the skill of being present and aware, moment by moment, regardless of circumstances.
The presenter then went on to share, that mindfulness can reprogram the brain to be more rational and less emotional. When we are mindful, we make more rational decisions. We make decisions based on facts and less on emotion. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere at anytime.
Many of us are used to mindfulness techniques, where you sit still and practice meditation for a period of time, before going about the rest of your day. Though this is valuable there are many different ways to practice mindfulness. If you are a  person who is always on the go, you can practice what is called, micro meditations. You can take some time to research these techniques, or revisit this blog later this week, when I will share  a few on Thursday’s Thoughts.
Remember,  practicing mindfulness and reaping its benefits doesn’t need to be a large time commitment or require special training..


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