I struggled to come up with a title for todays post. Maybe because I wanted to share with you, a part of me that has always drawn people to me. I also struggled because I did not want to be seen as, I don’t know ….”full of myself?”, coming across as  thinking I’m ” better than” …   you know where I’m headed. Believe me I am no angel. What I do know though is that “I know me quite well”. Since I was a child, I knew I hated to see people suffer in any any way. It affected me in an overwhelming way that i didn’t understand. It made me sad when people were bullied, cursed at, put down and physical attacks on someone would stay with me for days. I would replay it in my mind over and over and it would bring me to tears. Maybe that was why through my childhood I wanted to be a nurse. I eventually became a Nurse Assistant then went  to school for nursing and eventually switched to being a clinical social worker, which I strongly believe is the perfect profession for me. As a teen I was always mindful to not be a part of any cliques that focused on putting down others or hurting others. As an adult I try to stay clear of gossip, my compassion for others is genuine, and I love to lift the spirit of others and try to surround myself with people who can help to lift me up when I need it. I try my best to see the best in everyone because I  really believe that people are innately good.
Being self aware has been a practice of mine even before I knew the word existed. I use to see it as me being soft when I was a child because I could never stay mad at anyone for long. Now I better understand who I am.
People have always been drawn to me and it came naturally for me to listen and even share my own struggles. Wanting to share that they are not alone. I thank all those who have shared their life with me and have verbally or through trusting me, helped me to become this person. Helping me to also learn to love myself and understand that being a caring person is ok. And it’s OK to say I love the woman I have become.  I am no Mother Theresa.  LOL. FAR FROM IT! But I am a good person and it’s OK to say so.

Please share your thougts about this post. I would love for you to share what you have learned about yourself throughout this journey we call ” life”
Also, …what would be your title for this post?


6 thoughts on “UNTITLED

  1. Raya Robinson

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with this post. There is nothing wrong with know more about the person we are reading from and learning from. The things that make her her.

  2. Denise

    You could not have said this any better, your such a beautiful soul inside outside, it’s for us to do self searching and find the person inside of us who God created us to be am glad you are you ❤

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