THURSDAYS THOUGHTS ( Mindfuless and Micro Meditation cntd)


This is another exercise in mindfulness  or just being aware of what you are doing. If you are driving, you can repeat silently, I am driving my car, I am driving my car. See how long you can maintain this. When you become accustomed to paying attention like this, you will notice that you are aware of all your actions. Also watch how quickly your mind has skipped to other subjects. This is what you can expect to experience in meditation. It is a slow but steady way to take charge of your responses and being in the present.Another major advantage of being in the present is that we avoid thinking about the quarrel we had that morning, what one should have said, why did that person behave that way and so forth. It is often these distractions that lead to traffic accidents, or just keeps you angry and tense. We do not benefit from going on, “fighting in our minds, so let it go.”

Some info taken from “Quality Living Styles)


2 thoughts on “THURSDAYS THOUGHTS ( Mindfuless and Micro Meditation cntd)

    • I have been doing Oprah and deepaks 21 day meditation in the morning. If you have about 20 minutes when you get up its worth it. If not, those that I posted will help. There is much more that you can look into to fit in your schedule.

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