Summertime Memories


There were no “Thursday’s Thougts” yesterday because school is out and MICHELE IS ON VACATION….Yeeeaa!
For the rest of the summer be prepared for random posts to pop up at anytime. I will share some pics and some tales of summer.
I am a driver so I made the decision to to do some early morning walking to different parks in my area, as part of my excercise routine.  I  am definitely a morning person and i am a early riser.  I Enjoy nature and the sounds of music of the earth.
I followed through this morning at 7am, the first morning of my vacation. It was an  amazing feeling dissecting the different sounds of bird calls while I walked. I have never done this before. I counted 7 different bird calls in total. While sitting on the bench in the park, I had a visitor. I swear it was the strangest thing.  It flew over to me and stood there by my feet for at least 15 seconds.


Anyone who knows me well, knows I love butterflies. Was this a sign or just nature appreciating my appreciation of  it? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Summertime Memories

  1. Raya Robinson

    I believe that it was both. A sign that you are on the right track as well as an acknowledgment of your efforts. I must ask though, how can you enjoy nature in NYC? lol

    • Areyou me girl? Did you not Se that butterfly? Is that not nature :).
      There are actually a lot of beautiful areas in New York to enjoy. The parks are great. Some better than others. The Bronx has great trails and neighborhoods that are green and believe it or not, smells great in the early morning. I wake up to birds some morning. You would be surprised what an early morning walk could do. Remember, The earth has music for those who listen”.

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