Have you ever focused in the different thoughts that pass through your mind while you sit and wait. It’s amazing the emotional roller coaster our mind can be on while we wait, but we really don’t consciously tune into them. We have sad thoughts, happy thoughts, thoughts that make us unsure, wonder smile inside, frown inside. Most of the time our expressions will not reflect these emotions as we are in a public place. There are though, those few times when we physically react without meaning to. Maybe a sly smile, a shiver from a pleasant memory:roll:, sucking your teeth from being feustrated or “fed up ” (especially us West Indians) or a shrug of the shoulders.
I have been sitting in the bank patiently waiting my turn and I have counted 6 completely different thoughts I have had and only really became aware, after tiny giggle escaped my lips. This was from one of my more “pleasant thoughts”. The lady next to me turned and smiled….. I think she gets it! Maybe she too was enjoying a pleasant thought.
Next time you sit to wait, think back, if you can, on how many random thoughts you might have had….what emotions did you experience?
Share a few….The clean version of course;)


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