I was thinking the other day about why it is that some people seem to be angry and mean more times than not. I made a decision a long time ago, not to allow myself to stay mad over any situations or individuals for more than 10 minutes. That’s it!….Most times, when it’s an individual I may not even give that much of my positive energy. The reality is YOU ARE going to get upset or angry about something at some point. That’s inevitable. Life happens and there are many things you cannot control. You are come in contact with hundreds of people with many different personalities in your lifetime. Something or someone will upset you. It is up to you, how much negative energy you will allow in and for how long. It is also your decision if you allow that negative energy and overwhelming emotions, to make you react in a  mean and nasty to others who were not the cause of your anger. Especially people you care about.
Look…life is full of unexpected misery. You work hard at staying positive but at time negativity just seeps in.
When things go wrong, and we are sad, we often blame our woes on others. When these hurt feelings and anger, overwhelms us, the instinct to blame and hurt the other party is a common response. This attitude just sets up a roller coaster reaction, exacerbating the problems.
Next to life itself,  self-awareness and our freedom to choose, to direct our lives, is our most precious gift and power”. If we are able to reflect on this, it becomes clear that no matter what we have experienced and how we are provoked, we choose our response and nobody else is to blame for our choices.

What are your thoughts?
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6 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Raya Robinson

    I too am working in this. I do s good job at times and at others I dont do so well. These last few days things have been happening and I chose to let it go there is nothing I can do about these things at the moment and being angry and sad about them are not going to change them. The most I can do is change my outlook and pray for the change.God has no intentions to have me suffer the things I need will come. I am praying and moving on.

  2. Marian

    This is something that I am also working on. It was particularly difficult during my job search. I received countless emails letting me know what I great candidate I am, but that there was no position suitable for me. I made a decision during this time to be as positive as possible. However, there were times that some negativity did creep in, which is only natural. But, like you said, I allowed myself to be only momentarily upset and I did my best to not be consumed by frustration or anger over the loss of a great position or a prolonged response. This is the mindset that I will try my best to maintain no matter how difficult it may feel at times.

    • Thank you for sharing.
      I can definitely understand how challenging this can be as it relates to job search and when you are going through a transitiin. Always remember that what is happening now will eventually be your pass. This is a part of the journey. Like you said, be upset when you must but don’t allow it to consume you.

  3. Lisa Whigham

    Totally agree, we are the only ones that choose to let others determine the outcome of our responses. As adults, we should be able have control of our reactions as well as the reaction we take in different circumstances. Life happens! But no one is to blame for how we deal with situations that at times might be out of our control.

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