INTRO TO YOGA (The inner Journey)


Here is some information to Yoga for those of us who are aware of Yoga, may have tried a class or two but never really took the time to find out why some people are so committed to it.

Yoga is a journey from the externalized, distracted, and often-crazy flood of thoughts in our minds … to the inner peace and wisdom of our deeper consciousness at our heart centers. All the poses, pranayama, meditation, and mantra we practice have a host of benefits for body, mind, and spirit, but they share a single goal: Bringing us to a place where we can be silent, still, and focused enough to connect with ourselves at the soul level. This is where we access a deep well of wisdom that always has been within us. This is where we find our inner guru.

Why Take This Inner Journey?

We all feel stress from a fast-paced, over-stimulated world. We all spend a lot of time thinking about where we are going and what to do next—so much that we are rarely present to ourselves. This can make us feel disconnected, unsure, and imbalanced.

Stress, and the impulsive decisions it triggers, is a major contributor to serious illnesses, including:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcoholism
Self-awareness, pure presence, stillness, and silence bring us into harmony and homeostasis. We access a deeper inner knowing, make more conscious decisions, and live in greater wellness on all levels when we make time to be present with ourselves in silence.                                                                   (Some Information taken from the Chopra website)

Do you practice yoga?  Please share with us how it has helped you.                                                                   Remember to check the box that alerts you when others comment on your response


4 thoughts on “INTRO TO YOGA (The inner Journey)

  1. Tiffany

    When I do practice yoga I feel great. I tried yoga a few yrs back and was all about I need to sweat, and get more flexible. But getting more intuned with myself and growing and changing I ended up loving it for some of the reasons listed. I feel it is something to try if you have not

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