Do you ever focus on your desires? I mean really focus? The things you hope to achieve?  The things you want? No matter what it is? Do you ever feel guilty for wanting the things you desire? 

Think about this, your whole life is about desiring., wanting something. That is not a bad thing! Do not judge yourself for your desires. It’s ok! We are all designed to fulfill our desires. Ask for what you want. It doesn’t make you selfish or greedy. Desires can only get you into trouble when you attach  negativity to what you want. When they can result in harm to you or others.. This is because they may become obsessive and make you desperate.

Today i invite you to Celebrate the fact that you have hopes, wishes, dreams and things that you aspire for. Be aware of your dreams and harness the energy of attraction.

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2 thoughts on “DESIRES

  1. Tiffany

    I read a post of someone’s on ig that said it’s ok to have everything you want. With what you just said I really am starting to believe that yes, it is ok. As long as I’m not harming myself or others or being desperate or losing my integrity; I deserve everything I want. When ppl aren’t right within themselves they can are u feel bad for that or u urself can. I think this post is great. Thank u

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