Peace is an inner state that comes in many forms. One form of peace is  Inner peace. Inner peace helps you feel safe and secure.

A deeper peace is self acceptance. You are ok with who you are.

Spiritual peace is the contented stillness of the soul. It is the peace that passes all understanding. It helps you to move beyond stress worry doubts and insecurities. Spiritual peace can help you to manage all the other types of peace. This means, you gain more if you are able to access inner peace. When your soul is content, your heart and mind is also content. Remember, no one can take spiritual peace away from you. When you have peace in the soul, you can survive a great crises without falling apart, because you have given your self a core well-being. It’s always there to fall back upon, in difficult times. Not only in stressful times, but also in times of love and fulfillment.

Today I say, I AM Peace.

(Parts taken from the Chopra Center)


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