What is this “self-esteem” so many of us speak of?

Well, simply put, the concept of self-esteem is esteeming yourself. Loving yourself, respecting yourself, putting yourself first and meeting your own needs.

Many of us have or at one point had, a special person in or lives who we talk to all the time and love being in their presence. We think about them in a loving way and we go out of our way to please them. We ensure that we do everything and anything to let them know that they are one of, if not the most important person in our lives. When we put yourself in the role of this beloved person and act exactly the same way to ourselves as we would thisspecial person, this is self-esteem.

Never entrust your feelings about yourself to external variables such as having the best job, being with a specific person, money or what society identifies as success. If you do this, you are putting yourself at risk for insecurity and eventually feelings of failure. Anything external to self is temporary. If you remember to always love yourself and always behave lovingly towards yourself,  then you will not risk loosing your self-esteem.

Treat yourself in a gentle way, a nurturing way and a loving way when you are struggling with pain and difficulties. This is the way you would treat someone you love who is hurting right?  When you are able to do this for you, this is having and practicing   self-esteem



  1. Ron Glover

    This is so true and so very important. To often we kill ourselves to do for others, but neglect ourselves in the process. I think we all need to do a self inventory to make ourselves just as important.

  2. I have had what people call a major event in my life and I must say it has struck myself esteem but the more I look at myself and my situation and realized that I lost my sense and love a self a long time ago . I wont lie it is a up hill battle just trying to like me again some days.

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