Some of us may never admit this, but we sometimes become bored in our work with clients. It’s a loss of momentum that can be temporary or last for a very long time.  Though the people we serve are unique and individual, sometimes after years of practice, many of the voices can start to sound the same. Sometimes we encounter boredom not because of our clients, but more because of our own demands to be stimulated.
Boredom is an inevitable uninvited guest for seasoned clinicians and those involved in counseling. Though this is a fact, it need not hang around for long. The reality is, the clinician/counselor must address these feelings. If the clinician/counselor feels apathetic or helpless, boredom can become a permanent resident. When you find yourself feeling blase’ in your sessions, make a purposeful shift in how you are viewing things. Pay attention to your breathing, be aware of your posture,  sit up straight in your chair,  go back to the basics you learned as a student. Give the client your full attention. This will help you to see the client as more special, their words will carry more power, you forget to watch the clock and you begin to value your time together more. The shift is subtle but before you know it, the session has come to a close. This may sound sketchy to some but you may even want to bring this to light in your sessions. You may say ” I noticed a shift in my connection with you, in our sessions. I feel a little distanced….I wonder if you have been feeling the same and what is your level of connection to me today.  I would like us to discuss and better understand what’s happening. ” it is always advised to be involved in supervision. This will help to keep you balanced, humble and comfortably confused :).                 Overall, boredom can be kept at a distance if you remain concious and deliberate about keeping your work fresh and especially,  by looking for meaning in the things you do.

(Of course, there is much more to this topic. This is just an opening for you to explore these feelings if you have been experiencing them and are feeling stuck).
If this is the case, and you would like to seek supervision. Please feel free to contact me at:


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