It is so important for us to stay connected with others in our profession regardless of what it is. Whether social worker, teacher, beautician, vendor etc.. It is a good feeling when you start sharing ideas and when you begin to have that sense of relief,  that some of the struggles of your profession, are not unique to you or related to something you are doing wrong. It’s an amazing feeling to make connections and share and receive  new ideas for your practice and buisness.
I attended a full day conference today at Climbing University School of Social Work, organized by a wonderful social worker Cindy Bautista-Thomas.
Nine hours well spent. I attended a workshop on dance therapy with an amazing instructor Diane Duggan Ph.D.  Little did i know what i was in for. It was a two hour workshop and for the last 45 minutes, we were asked to get up and do stretches related to mivements in ballet. I found myself doing pliaes and other warm up moves in my suit and heels. Everyone participated. Heels, skirts, close fitting pants, it didn’t matter. It was wonderful. The icing on the cake… she had us dance to reggae and hip hop. No she wasn’t black or a spring chicken She was a white woman had to be about the age of sixty and she had all the  moves :).
One of the highlight of the conference was a panel of high school students who created a documentary on Mental Health In schools. These students opened themselves up to a room full of social workers in the way no adult probably would. They partnered with the Educational Video Center. Interstingly enough, most of the students were Asian.
Overall it was a great conference. I bumped into social workers who I haven’t seen in years. Reconnected by sharing buisness cards, as well as catching up on what we’re doing these days, met social workers who are having some of the same struggles an success. Best of all, started a conversation about organizing a school social work conference for next year.

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.
-William James



  1. raya Robinson

    I am so glad you got to enjoy yourself. There was a conference similar to that recently for childcare workers but I was not able to attend due to the cost I heard it was lots of fun just like you had. I hope to join them next year.

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