So I  was grappling on what to title this piece. I felt a little…. I don’t know the write words. I think I was  oncerned about how you the reader would receive the title I had in mind, before reading. Would you have a preconceived notion? And would it also affect the way you accept this piece.Any hoo…here goes.

As a social worker in a middle school, daily I hear kids saying the phrase “that’s so gay”. This could be anything from something another student says, does or wears. They will even say this phrase in a classroom based on something they read or is being taught. As someone  who has people very close to me who either identify as gay or bisexual, this annoys me to no end. Not only because I know them. But because I KNOW THEM…Mostly because I know that it’s being said to degrade or put down!
Where is this ranting coming from you ask?
Yesterday I took my 13 year old son and his best friend of 5 years to their swim lesson. His friend was talking about his prom and the fact that he had a date and bought her a corsage.  My son then said to his dad and I,  “oh!—–asked me to teach him to do slow dance”. Now, though being the child of two parents who a very good dancers… if I do say so myself,  my son has ZERO RHTYM. His dad and I burst out laughing. He then proceeds to tell us that he told his friend to watch it on youtube. His friend shared that he took the adivse and was proud of his now skills. I tell you. This discussion in the car definitely  made my day. It also got me to thinking though, how natural and easily they spoke about it in the privacy of the car. Had they been in school together, would they have even shared this? It’s a high chance they wouldn’t. Even though they are two boys who don’t allow their lives to be dictated by others, I think they may still worry about being judged. When did we become a society that no longer embraces the innocence of our kids. No longer do we see two people or children of the same sex with a hand around the shoulder or walking close and not either think they are this or that, or playing in a way that causes us to raise our eyebrows. Oh and I know, I am not  exempt either. I have seen and wondered. Not with negative feelings but definitely with curiosity. We are guilty as a society and sometimes as parents raising children (and I include society in the act of raising because everything our children see around them and learn from, shapes who they are becoming and will become. ) Boys and girls have to watch how they romp and what they say because they worry about being an outcast in their social world’s and even rheir families.
This is one of the definition I found …. A time when a person orsociety exists in a state of childlike simplicity or naivety.
This is where I stop. Please share your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “THE AGE OF INNOCENCE

  1. raya Robinson

    it is sad to say that this is true. Children’s innocence leave them entirely too early in life. as someone that has worked in childcare and as a substitute teacher in both elementary and middle school, children are just not children anymore. They take on the issue and mind frame of the people around them because parents no longer believe in keeping their lives separate from children. children’s stand side by side with their parents and they have a conversation. And another parent who have children still live in a child like state of mind I hear of the criticism they get from other children at times. I also know of adults that wonderful why my children are the way they are. it is common now to raise adults from adults and not children into adults.

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