I have had many of sleepless nights since i was a teenager. I have gone up to two days without sleep and slept 2-4 hours each night for many days. Yes! I have tried all the remedies suggested to me.

After more that 20 yrs of being miserable, complaining, allowing crankiness to get the best of me due to lack of sleep, i decided to embrace the hours that i do get rest and make the best of the waking hours. I fell asleep about 11 pm last night.

3 am- eyes open for no reason whatsoever (disrespectful).           4 am- accepted that this might be it for sleep. Got up, changed from night gown to workout attire. Walk to living room turn on my sons play-station to you-tube.Check in on my 19 year old. I hear his laptop (family Guy as usual) Poor kid!  He has been suffering with Insomnia for three years too. Is it Hereditary? I have a few other family members including my own mother, with this same problem.I digress ….                                                                 –  I put on Fitness Blender’s Yoga Stretch and Pilates workout for Relaxation and Toning ( I highly recommend this site..Thanks Tiff). I do a 25 minute work-out and a 5 minute cool down stretch.  I felt great! Grind some coffee beans (Jamaican Blue mountain of course). Make coffee and lounged with my book i’m currently reading “Mutant Message Down Under” Marlo Morgan. A book about a woman who unknowingly sets out on a journey on foot for 4 months in the Outback with an ancient tribe and begins to experience a personal transformation.

Okay, back to the original point of the story. I am now writing this message. Its 6 am, i feel good. Not cranky, not weary, just relaxed. Hopefully I can learn to allow my body and mind to go with the flow of “what is” and not allow it to completely damage my spirit….. which may in-turn allow me to be more relaxed and lead to fewer sleepless nights. We will see. I know there will be times when i simply feel crappy, but as my great aunt would say “nothing tried..nothing done.”

No work tomorrow. Back to bed to relax.


2 thoughts on “SLEEPLESS IN NEW YORK

  1. Orville

    I really like this topic today. Here are a few tips that I use. The first one is that I’m success driven so I use my awake time to unlock opportunities for greater success.
    The second and most powerful one is that I lock myself in a dark room with a few lit scented candles then I put on a cd track with just the sound of nature (birds, waterfalls etc.) and I lay down and just let nature take over. Remember your body can rejuvenate without you sleep. Just lay down and do nothing it’s great for the body.

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