Gratitude Expands Every Relationship

After reading this mornings message, I decided I must share it with you. It  was very relevant to the experiences I’ve been having for the past few months and I hope it will help you on your journey to put aside any residual effects that’s lingering AS A as a result of conflicts you may have had with friends, family or spouse/partner. Remember, that person held and probably still holds a special place in your heart. Who were they to you before the conflict? Did you feel grateful to have them in your life? Can you move towards releasing that anger and lowering that wall?

In today’s meditation, I explored how gratitude can transform all our relationships. It starts when you express gratitude or appreciation to another person. The transformation begins when you have the thought of gratitude and your brain translates that feeling into beneficial biochemical and neurological changes in your body. The feeling of gratitude also expands the heart, which has the effect of erasing old grievances and soothing resentments and petty differences we may have been holding onto. 

Gratitude is wonderful in that it gives these same benefits to the body and heart of the giver as well as the receiver of gratitude. When someone is thanked or appreciated, they generate the same biochemical changes and feel the same expansion and healing of the heart. This back-and-forth flow of grace uplifts and opens every aspect of our relationship with that person.

“Namaste’ “

Chopra Center Meditation


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