Do you confine to snack despite being full?
Cut calories despite being Hungry?
Use guilt to guide your eating?
You Maybe experiencing mindless eating first hand.

Mindfulness is being used as treatment for numerous physical and emotional  problems but has not been applied to eating. Mindful eating is eating more conciously so you can eat just enough to be satisfied- without  eating too much  or too little.
Trust me, I know this is easier said than done. Though I don’t  regularly have a habit of eating mindlessly. I do go through episodes  of mindless eating a few times monthly. There are also a few people with whom I’m very close, who are going through searious struggles related to eating disorders, so I see it first hand. Both I.

The reality is being mindful (not obsessed )with how you eat, Is the only way to keep a healthy weight.

Here’s a short version to eating mindfully…..
. Eat what you love in a sensible way. This means. Breaking old habits.
. Gauge your appetite to eat just when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. (Not full).
. Sense and savor food-truly tasting it.
. Understand your emotional triggers the feelings that urge you to eat or not eat.
. Having a concious awareness of your food choices.
. Letting go of critical thoughts.

Mindfulness slows you down, makes you more aware of the portion sizes and helps you get out of the negative, automatic cycle with food.
Mindful eating reconnects you with your body’s signal.

There is much more to learn about mindful eating. If you would like to continue learning more. Most of the information I’ve shared was taken from the book,
” Eating Mindfully ” 2nd edition
By. Susan Albers PSYD


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