This is powerful.
From a fellow blogger.

A Word about Me

I often join her in her struggle to escape out of herself.

Its complete darkness there.

“My world is very dark. I didn’t know it myself until I jumped inside this endless misery and got lost” she says as she wanders in the myriad darkness not being able to see anything. “I am tired of finding my way, I am tired of fighting with myself, loosing one part to win the other. Life is nothing but a useless fight with no conclusion. You mourn over the little defeats and celebrate the little victories but it doesn’t end. Every other day brings with it a new challenge.”

Suddenly, she see’s a spark. Rushes to grasp it. I suggest her to keep it safe in her heart to lit her way forward. She refuses and lits the nearby wood she has recently sensed with her hands.

The wood catches fire and she…

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