This entire summer has gone by and i have not completed my goal. I started the process, but its not complete. Why? Because each time i take a step forward, fear of failure creep in. This project is something dear to me and will be what i do with the rest of my time on earth. This is my dream. Yes, nothing happens before the time, but you can sometimes become your own barrier to success.

Now that  am once again moving forward,  I reminded myself that anything worthwhile that you can do, will likely scare you.
There are days when you wake up thinking  ” I want more and not only do I want more, I want to do more,” but something got in your way. Maybe you didn’t move forward because you were playing it safe instead of following your heart. Heck! Sometimes you don’t even know what your heart says because your brain gets in the way.

Think about this. On a scale of 1-10
How much of your life force goes to protecting you from these fears (e.g., fears of making decisions, taking action, speaking up, etc.)?
What do your fears stop you from doing that you really want to do?

Now…examine each fear one at a time and ask yourself , how much does this fear control you?
What is the realistic likelihood that this fear will occur?
If you continue  to allow fear to hold you back,  you will not live your dream.

Make a list of your fears. Next to each one ask yourself, “if this happened what would be the result? ” write down the answer. Ask the same questions over and over until you get to the root  of the fear.
You may find that many of your fears are unrealistic.

Note; photo used was taken from the lobby of Harlem Village ac


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