Naturally Me




My hair does not define my being natural. It is in its naturall state.

For me in my life,  natural speaks to when I am in a state where I’m being myself. When my behavior  and attitude is not a result of something or someone.
I chose to allow my hair to go back to its natutal state, based on education  regarding long term use of perm,  as well as my own experience of the damage that was being done to my hair. Believe me, I loved rocking my sassy hair cuts and my straight bobs.
What defines me as natural is my ongoing journey to not conform to everyone’s idea of how I should be. I wear a straight weave when I want to,  go nappy when I want, wear the clothing and shoes I love. Not based on what  the world of fashion says I should wear each season, but what catches my eye and makes me feel good. wether it’s brand names or my pocket book made from casava purchased in Jamaica or a hand made sweater bought at a street fair. I look for durability, quality sometimes fun to wear and getting the best value for my buck.
I remember times passed,  youger age, when  it mattered alot to me that no one saw my nappy roots  or that someone was aware of a brand I had on or getting my hands on something because it’s “what’s in”. As a person who is always willing to learn and grow as well as consistently practicing self awareness, I wanted to make some changes. No  matter what,  we are influenced by something or someone. Hopefully in a positive and healthy way. When I make changes to my way of being, It is done after much self evaluation  through my own researh, asking questions and ensuring that this change I will make, will modt likely have have a positive effect on me as well as helping me to live my best life. When I am happy and good to myself, it allows me to be happy with and be good  to others around me.  
Make decision based on what makes you feel your best self.
Just choose the best lifestyle for YOU. Of course it would make sense that those choices increase your happiness  while avoiding damaging that precious temple we call OUR BODY as well as YOUR SPIRIT. Never judge others because you think THEY SHOULD be doing this or that. Everyone’s  journey is different. Share with others things you have learned that helps you live your best life. If they don’t wish know, it’s ok. When they make some changes later on and want to share that with you, be excited for them and ask about what brought on the change and how it is for them.
As for me , my toughest journey… making healthy food choices  based on what’s best for my body. Healthier more NATURAL FOODS. “Michelle Loves hamburgers and cupcakes 😆.
#goalhappiness # Healthierme#bestself


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