THURSDAYS THOUGHTS ( Vicarious Trauma)


I have been faced with many challenges in my work these past couple of months  assisting people with dealing with traumatic events. Due to this fact my awareness of all the overwhelming events in my community and the people around me have been heightened. This feeling is not unique to me. Many of us in helping professions are faced with dealing with emotions that may result in emotional exhaustion or vicarious trauma. It can happen at any point  in your professional journey and sometimes several times throughout. Teachers, humanitarian workers, people who work in animal shelters, doctors, home health aides, nurses etc.

Trauma exposure is tiring. Your body and mind will require extra attention in order to become rested and refreshed. The situation will get even more difficult if we get stuck in trauma exposure response. Your symptoms of feeling helpless and hopeless  or being hypervigilant, are exhausting.

Do not ignore your body when it sends you messages. Do what works best for you in taking care pf your body mind and spirit. Right now, for me, its yoga and CONSISTENT meditation.” Remember, its okay to say “no” .  Know your limits.

TRY THIS:-                                                                          At the end of your day before sleep takes over you, ask yourself, “What can I put down?” What don’t I need to carry with me for another day?” Put it down, and don’t pick it up again the next day.

some of the information above taken from the book “Trauma Stewardship”


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