There is nothing more difficult than letting go of what we are accustomed to, what we are familiar with and what we are comfortable with. This includes holding on to pain and anger as a way to protect ourselves and our heart. But in revisiting pain and hurt over and over again to use as a reason why we should not forgive someone, or when we refuse to move forward when we have a loss ….because we feel the need to hold on to what was, we are not only damaging that person, we damage ourselves .We miss out on the new experiences we could have as well as  missing out on brand new experiences we can have with that person or even someone else. Those walls we build to keep others out, becomes our prison. This is why we start to wonder, “with all the good things I have going on, why can’t I be ?”
Consider this quote -:
We must let go of the life we have planned….to accept to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
~Joseph  Campbell ~


4 thoughts on “LETTING GO

  1. raya Robinson

    This is very true and a lesson I am learning at the moment. Holding on to pain and the people that bring it does not for you. I want so much in life and wallowing in main does not bring me closer to my goals. Change is hard but I trying to learn to accept it.

  2. syreeta forch

    This is so very true because you get so use to the life you planned and when the plans change for whatever reason it’s an instant fear of what to do. I am now speaking from my own life experiences, I have people that hurt me and as upsetting as it is, I realized I’m the only person who can stop that hurt and working so hard on doing so now.

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