I included a question mark in todays topic because I know I dont have all the answers and I doubt there is any one anwer for this topic.

Many times we are faced with challenges that we think will never change for the better. Or tragedies and trauma that we feel we will never move past.
People say things to us like “this too will past”, “time heels all wounds”. Some may even say ” you really need to get over it”. People say these things because they care about us, they feel helpless because they see us hurting and they cant make it stop. They just want to have “the old you” , because they are uncomfortable or feel lost for words with “this you”….They want ” the happy you”.
The reality is there are some things you just wont fully move pass, Time may heal a wound but its a possibility you may be left with a scar that is a reminder of that trauma. There are some things that occur in our lives that we may take longer than others to move past. or to heal from. There are some we may never fully recover from, but we can learn to cope with in order to get as close to normal functioning as possibe. Whatever YOUR normal is. Be patient with yourself. It is ok to “learn other ways to be”, in order to feel good and to be happy. Be patient with those who use quotes(im a quote head myself), sayings and pep talks that may not be helpful in the moment. THEY CARE ABOUT YOU. Never give up on being happy. Remember you and only you can make that final decision. People, activities, things… they are there to assist you in the healing process. You make the final decision on utilizing everything you have been given, to rebuild yourself.. body, mind and spirit.
You are worthy.

I would really appreciate as many feedback as possible on this topic on the blog itself as I know there are many of us who are recovering from some sort of pain, betrayal, hrt or trauma. Please share your ideas about healing and check the box to see when others respond.
Thank you.



  1. My pain was and is real to me. I will not tell the lie and say that I have completely healed because I know that I have not but I am working on it. I know that I have people around me that love me and care about me. I go to therapy and try to find things to do outside of being a mother. Have a sister that is a therapist is also helpful as well as having plenty of people to talk to.

  2. They you for sharing . Everyone’s is unique so the journey will also be specific to them. Its good that you reached out for help. No one knows you the way you do. You may not agree with everything she/he says. Be open to listen. Let it sink in. Extract what you think will meet your needs and use it on your journey to healing self

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