Many times the body (or spirit) and the mind are at odds with each other. The mind sometimes wants something that is not necessarily good for the body and spirit. Our bodies do not naturally crave drugs, junk food, throwing up on purpose, unhealthy relationships etc.
Addictions are created when we push away, push down, push aside (surpress) our feelings When we are struggling emotionally, it affects our entire being. The body begins to experience pain that have no true source (somatic symptoms) and the spirit feels listless and void of energy. Our bodies and minds are seeking (breath)air and energy to feel better. We feed our stress and damaged spirits with food, alcohol and other subtances, and even risky behaviors and  relationships We do this in order to soothe our minds and make us forget about what is causing us to feel as if we’ve become unraveled. If we begin to recognize how we feel rather than feed into unhealthy behaviors, would this help to eliminate our addictions? Can getting to a place of conciouness help our body and minds to work to achieve health goals both mental and physical? Maybe then we can approach life in a healthy way.
What are your thoughts?



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