THURSDAYS THOUGHTS (Clearing The Clutter)


What do you want? What do you desire? What do you seek? What is it hat is really getting in the way of you reaching your goals or blocking your path to the things you are seeking, wanting or desire, despite the fact that you are fully capable of achieving them?

Everything in the Universe has energy. When we have too much STUFF in our lives, whether physical or psychological, it can block our energy and block our success.

It is time to sift through and do something about the negative energy that keeps coming your way. Whether its those you yourself create, or those that are created by someone or something else (including T.V. shows that filled with negative behaviors and energy). It is easier to make decisions when you are in a calm mindset.

Lets make a conscious effort today to remove as much of the clutter from our minds and bodies as we can.Often too many possessions, hoarding mindset ( this also includes hoarding people we think we need, material things and YEP, hoarding negative energy and from past betrayals and hurt)leaves us with unwanted clutter that continues to damage our spirit.

Just for today, lets try living in a space of Zen, then we can continue to practice adding additional days.
Paulo Cohelo writes, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”. This is because when we acknowledge our desires, we seek tools all around us to build the foundation. We seek out people who motivate us and we make choices to remove clutter and build towards our goals.

What are your thoughts?
What clutters will you remove?
How will you remove them?

(Some parts of this article post was inspired by Yoga Lean , Beth Shaw)


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