These are difficult days. I am writing today’s post with no idea where it’s going, what I want to say, or what I want to relay other than …I guess …I’m confused angered, afraid, feeling hopeless, hopefull, defeated, empowered.  I found myself feeling happy that the two black men I’m raising are away at camp and won’t be traveling on the streets. But… They will have to come home won’t they? I encoraged their dad to be careful out there on his way to work but know those words mean nothing because he doesn’t have to do anything wrong to be killed by the hands of a police officer who is running scared or just doesn’t see him as a human being. I feel the pain of all  the mothers of color who are feeling helpless right now. Particularly black moms. Give me strength oh Jah I pray.

Meditation was the only tookI was able

to use to get my head together this morning. I will be heading out later to meet with the young women of The Girls’ Circle today today, and I must prepare to discuss  these recent tragedies and allow them to express what they are feeling. Let’s make time to give our kids the platform to speak on what they are feeling. We are sometimes so caught up in our emotions we forget that though they are kids , they are fearful and confused  and will need to be heard,

As we Jamaicans say “Walk Good.”


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