So  I’m in a gift shopin the south watching these kids picking up the toy pop rifles and pistols. As the only woman of color other than my friend, I’m watching these mothers purchase these guns with no thought or worry and the kids are firing them in the store. I had a passing thought that my 14 year old would love one of these. That was a 1 second thought because immediately following that thought is the thought that I would be signing my sons death certificate if I dare to buy this as a gift and bring it to NY. I go for the survival kit with the compass, whistle, light etc. it did not occur to me until I bought it for both my kids that I opted for a survival kit. It’s now Inate to think about the survival of our black boys.

What should be fun will cost him his life.



  1. This is so sad but so very true. I worry so much now when i go outside with the kids that i have mini panic attacks. I find myself on the verge of tears so many times when I step foot out of my house . None of us are safe and its getting worse everyday. I plan to beg for my life if i ever get pulled over.

    • Its real. The day before I drove out to Virginia, I found myself planning what I would do and say if i got pulled over. I even felt happy that my friend would be with me as a witness and to video tape if something happens. Then I thought, What if the shoot us both. ‘ I should tell her to make sure she tapes on facebook live”. This was my thought. How sad is that?

      • I have decided that i will scream i want to live over and over again if i am pulled over and beg for my children’s lives. What is the world when these are the things we have to plan?

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