Sitting in the radiology department. Looking at all the faces. White, black, latinas. Women. Faces. Concerned faces. Good mornings as a new person walk in to join us. All dressed in blue gowns. Concerned faces. Worried minds. Beating hearts. What will our results say. Some here for annual. Others like myself here for both mammograms and ultrasound because our doctor didn’t like something they felt or something that was seen on a previous test. Wait, wait, wait for the result. Try not to worry while you wait. It maybe nothing and then you worried unnecessarily. But I can’t help but wonder as I look at all the faces of these blue gowned women. All shades, races, ages, how many of us will be crying in a few weeks. How many of us will have to give our loved ones and friends the news that they never want to hear, the words we hope never to speak. It’s such a common word these days. How many will sigh a sigh of relief. Until next year when I sit hear again. Another person in the faces of blue gowned women


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