SUICIDE                             (741741. Crises text line)


The word caught your attention didn’t it?    The truth is, suicide catches everyone’s attention. It’s the actions leading up to suicide that goes unnoticed.

These past 2 weeks I provided counseling to 3 teens under 18 who were suicidal. One contacted me by text. This teen was a former young person from a program I ran, who is now in high school. This teen agreed to call 911 and was hospitalized tonight. When I went to see this teen. I found out the teen will be keept in the hospital for a few days.  It has not even been a full month since school started. The teen last week had a clear suicide plan and didnt feel safe being alone.  911 was called  The third was put on no self harm contract. Social workers, counselors, providers and teachers. We are so needed. It gets hard and overwhelming at times, but our work matters. Sometimes kids will not share how they are feeling because they don’t want to worry their parents or they feel parents may not understand and minimize the problem. Sometimes the source of the problem is the family. 

Educate your students on the signs so they can seek help for a friend. Educate your student’s families on signs to look for. Educate all, including your own families on the importance of seeking help when necessary. To understand the signs to know when they can no longer do it alone, to know when professional support is needed. And for you, for us. SELF CARE, SELF CARE, SELF CARE.

NOTE: teens can now reach out for help by text by texting 741741. Crises text line.           National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1-800-273-8255 (24/7) …


4 thoughts on “              SUICIDE                             (741741. Crises text line)

    • This is definitely true. There are always indicators though.Some might be very subtle. So subtle that only those who are very close to that person would see it. Unfortunately, its not until after the attempt or when its too late that we realize that they were indicators.

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