LOL 😂 


More and more in our daily lives we are faced with events that increases sadness, stress and discomfort. When was the last time that you truly Laughed Out Loud? Think about it. Really think about it. Do you write the acronyms more than you do the action? How often have you smiled in the last few months. Between the tragedies of police killings, and this last election, we have been faced with sadness, anger and despair. Some of us have had to let go of friendships/acquaintances, and some have isolated themselves.                                                                   I challenge us to “get our laughs on”. Surround yourself with people who make you smile. Read funny 📚 watch your  favorite comedies ( mine is the movie Friday)and simply….smile more.                                          When we feel stressed we loose our sense of humor. But laughing is the 🔑 to good mental health. It reduces our level of cortisol, the stress hormones, and releases endorphins, the body chemical that produces feelings of calm and happiness. The ability to make our selves smile, Is one of many ways to find inner joy.    A good belly 😂 lowers blood pressure, reduce cardiac health and produces natural painkillers and yes tones abs.                               Today and for many days to come, I urge you to                          Truly 


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