More than 300 million human suffer from depression worldwide. So says the World Healh Organization. They also stated that by 2030, depression will be the largest contributor to disease.  More and spas and retreats that promote wellness, are hiring psychotherapist and neuroscientist to assist them in ensuring that they have a more holistic approach to the services they offer. Some hotel spas are including meditation. Hotels are also adding dawn-simulating meeting roomsrooms also offer air purification units. Explore the many avenues to wellness. Mix it up a bit. Exchange your yoga classes for tai-chi one Saturday a month. Take a kickboxing class, seek out music that elicits meditation brainwaves. There are so many pathways to wellness right now. Find the best fit for you.

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This piece inspired by an article in Essence



I am sitting in the dentist office the other day, just flipping through a book I recently checked out from the library ( yes there are still people who check books out from the library in the age of kindle and e-books 😃). The book is titled “Movement for Self-Healing.”  There was a paragraph that caught my eye.                                 The paragraph brought to mind, the fact over the years , I  have been drawn to people with like minds and mostly positive energy, and I tend to get along with majority I come in caontact with. What stood out for me even more though, is that all the people who have entered my life over the past 10 are so years are  wonderful, loving genuine and caring people. I don’t know what I have done to deserve these people in my life , but I thank the creator regularly for sending noticed though.                                                                           Here is the quote from the book….                                 “Life can change for the better. When you feel expansion from the inside, everything from the outside world can work better for you. When you project optimism to the people around you, your positive feelings will reflected back to you.”                                        Thank you family, friends, colleagues for always showing me live and uplifting me with your kind words.